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business and brand offering videos and creative content for music artists and collaborators. 

Born and raised in New York, Ryan began his journey as a musician. Pounding away at the drums from the budding age of six, he eventually worked his way up to the front of the stage adorned with a guitar, a microphone — and some big dreams. Within a few years, he was there. Tour busses, shows, fans... The universe delivered, and his “rockstar" dreams were unfolding, yet for some reason he still felt unfulfilled. 

Between the hours of band practice and shows, he could be found with a camera in hand and a constant urge to create. From still photography to editing homemade music videos in his bedroom, he definitely had a knack for the visual arts.


"I loved the idea that I could convey emotion through a visual medium and tell a story with pictures. I will always remember the moment when my high school photography teacher pulled me aside and acknowledged the talent that I had. 'I know you want to be a rockstar, but you should really consider pursuing a career in photography.' Unfortunately, rockstar dreams also tend to come along with rockstar egos, so it took me a few years to really hear and appreciate her words."

In 2010, after the arc of his music career was nearing its anti-climactic finale, Ryan began to dabble in on-camera work as an actor. He had the opportunity to join SAG-AFTRA in 2012 and managed to secure some pretty microscopic roles in some pretty major productions. You might remember him from such roles as, “The guy that called Emma Roberts a snitch in ‘Nerve’” and “The bartender with a man bun that served Aziz Ansari a glass of water on ‘Master of None’" (that scene didn’t make their final cut unfortunately).

ounded by Ryan Forsythe in 2015, Coffee&Leather began as a  creative  outlet  to  serve  as  a  platform  for his work in film

and  photography.  Shortly  thereafter, it  quickly  grew  into  a


Ryan moved to Los Angeles in 2016 for what he hoped would be the next step in his acting career. Before he knew it, he was thrust behind the camera and his creative awakening began. The following year, he began writing and directing music videos for various artists across multiple genres.



As of early 2019, he has been working with a close friend, singer-songwriter & actor, Tyler Hilton. Together, they have collaborated on multiple live performance videos, tour content, and most recently Ryan directed a music video for Tyler's single, When I See You, I see Home (Wedding Version).

Additional notable clients include: CVBZ, LIVVIAIdobi Radio, Wayfarers, Surf Sweat Serve, Pixie Acia, and more.

"It felt like overnight that my journey had come full circle, and the creative release that I had been seeking— I was actually nurturing all along."

A statement from Ryan: 

As a director, my approach is often unique to each project. I have a passion for telling stories, and using those stories to provide a message that enriches the lives of all of those who listen. My vision is to continue to grow as an artist and provide clients and collaborators with visual representations of their unique voice and brand. I treat each production as a sacred entity and provide the space for the channeling of the story through the collective consciousness of each artist involved in the project. I approach my work with humility and always strive to uplift my team to work at their highest potential. My creativity is born from emotion and my goal is always to make the audience feel, wonder, and ultimately look within themselves to connect with a deeper purpose as we embody this human experience.


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